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March 10, 2020

In this Issue:

  1. CMS Issues Coronavirus Guidance to Nursing Facilities
  2. Take Action: Ask Your Representative to Reauthorize the Older Americans Act
  3. Consumer Voice Hiring Project Manager
  4. Session Proposals for 2020 Consumer Voice Conference Due March 20
  5. LTCCC Publishes Report on Nursing Home Ownership

CMS Issues Coronavirus Guidance to Nursing Facilities

On March 4, CMS issued guidance to State Survey Agencies for preventing and containing the spread of Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) and protecting residents and staff from infection. The guidance covers survey activity; screening of those visiting or working in a facility; and transfers to and admissions from hospitals (see link below for guidance for screening and hospitals). CMS actions include suspending non-emergency surveys of all nursing facilities, as well as limiting and prioritizing surveys. In addition, all visitors and health care facility staff will be screened using criteria specified by CMS.

Read Consumer Voice’s analysis of the guidance and recommendations to residents and families.

Given how quickly the situation is evolving, CMS then released revised guidance about visitation late on March 9. CMS is now directing facilities to seriously limit visits.  Consumer Voice is currently analyzing the new guidance and will provide a summary tomorrow.

Take Action: Ask Your Representative to Reauthorize the Older Americans Act

Urge your U.S. Representative to bring the Supporting Older Americans Act of 2020 (H.R. 4334) up for House consideration before Congress breaks for recess.  The Older American Act (OAA) authorizes programs and funding to benefit individuals aged 60 years or older in each state, including services such as the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, home and community-based services, legal services, nutrition and transportation services, and more. H.R. 4334 would strengthen the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program by increasing funding authorizations for the program, updating the maintenance of effort provisions, and ensuring that ombudsman programs are able to use resources to support the work of their volunteer representatives. Additionally, the Act funds important health promotion, disease prevention, and emergency response and preparedness efforts—all services and supports that are particularly important when the growing population of older adults is facing a widespread health threat such as COVID-19. 

The bill has already passed the Senate.  Contact your Representative and urge them to act now to pass this important legislation in the House. Find your Representative »

Consumer Voice Hiring Project Manager

Consumer Voice is seeking a Project Manager to coordinate special projects related to the provision of quality, person-centered long-term care and services.  

The Project Manager will:

  • Contribute to the planning, design, development, and implementation of project objectives, and ensure compliance with administrative requirements.
  • Develop and manage project work plans, reporting, and communications.
  • Develop and implement strategies in partnership with project partners and stakeholders to assure project(s) are delivered in a timely manner, within project scope and budget.
  • Create memoranda and project update correspondence, and present before management, boards, and other external agencies.
  • Provide timely communication of project status and issues to the Executive Director and maintain technical and administrative control of project development and support.
  • Seek out and explore development opportunities, including assisting with grant writing and project development.
  • Coordinate project advisory committees, consultant contracts, and other stakeholders engaged in project undertakings.
  • Provide technical support on project issues, serve as key resource for project information.  
  • Develop, prepare, and edit reports, publications, presentations, articles, manuals and other training materials, etc. as needed or assigned.

Please pass this information along to others interested. Find more information about the position and how to apply »

Session Proposals for 2020 Consumer Voice Conference Due March 20

Consumer Voice is seeking proposals for sessions at the 44th Annual Conference - October 25-28, 2020 in Arlington, Virginia.  Each year, the Consumer Voice hosts a conference to educate and empower consumers and consumer advocates.  The conference covers long-term care issues, including current trends, best practices, advocacy opportunities, and new research. Attendees come to learn, network, and exchange ideas with advocates from all over the country.

Proposals are due March 20.

We are looking for proposals that create an engaging, informative conference agenda that provides resources, tools, opportunities for discussion, and strategies our attendees can incorporate in their life and/or advocacy.  
Two easy steps to submit a proposal -
1.    Review the Call for Proposals and Presenter Requirements.
2.    Submit your proposal via Survey Monkey. NOTE: You will not be able to save incomplete submissions in SurveyMonkey, so you may want to review and print or save the PDF version of the proposal questions so you can plan your responses prior to starting the submission.
Proposals are due by March 20, 2020.  
Find more information »

LTCCC Publishes Report on Nursing Home Ownership

The Long Term Care Community Coalition (LTCCC) has published a report entitled "Meaningful Safeguards: Promising Practices & Recommendations for Evaluating Nursing Home Owners."  The report identifies promising practices among states for evaluating nursing home owners for state licensure and presents key elements necessary for improving accountability and integrity in the licensure process. The report offers essential principles for issues involving ownership disclosure, financial capacity, leases or subleases, character and fitness, management, change of ownership, and criminal liability.  

Read the report »

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