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Open Nursing Home Doors!

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It's been almost one year since nursing homes shut their doors. Take part in a Valentine's Day Twitter Storm TODAY urging CMS and members of Congress to #HaveaHeart and #OpenNursingHomeDoors so nursing home residents can be reunited with their loved ones.

How to Participate:

  1. Tweet today tagging CMS (@CMSgov and @CMSgovPress) and your federal legislators to ask them to #HaveAHeart and #OpenNursingHomeDoors
  2. If you have a friend or loved one who lives in a nursing home or you are a nursing home resident: Personalize your tweet with your story (see examples) and include a photo of your friend/loved one or yourself.
  3. If you don't have anyone in a nursing home, share your thoughts about what residents are experiencing (see examples).  Download and attach our #OpenNursingHomeDoors graphic.
  4. Tag us @ConsumerVoices

By using a common hashtag and tagging CMS and your representatives, our voices will be amplified!  

Don't have a Twitter account?

  1. You can sign up - it's easy and free!
  2. On Facebook, tag us @theconsumervoice and use the same hashtags. Plus, add this frame to your Facebook profile picture for the month.

Forward this message to your friends and family! Encourage them to join our Valentine's Day Twitter Storm!

For more information about reuniting nursing home residents with their loved ones and details about today's Twitter Storm, visit our website.

We Must Reunite Nursing Home Residents with Their Loved Ones Now - Sign the Petition

On March 13, 2021, it will be one year since state and federal officials banned visits in nursing homes. Initially put in place to protect residents from COVID-19, the visitation ban has resulted in tens of thousands of residents suffering and dying from isolation, loneliness, and poor care. It is time to stop the suffering and open the doors.

Sign the petition to call on federal and state officials to immediately:
  • Allow every resident to designate an Essential Support Person (ESP). ESPs must be allowed unrestricted access to the resident who has designated them in order to provide physical and emotional support, as well as assistance in meeting the resident's needs. ESPs should be treated as employees of the facility for infection control purposes, including routine COVID-19 testing and the wearing of PPE.
  • Allow general indoor and outdoor visitation for all residents in accordance with the CMS Core Principles of COVID-19 Infection Prevention consistent with CDC guidance. Visitation must occur in addition to resident designation of an ESP. Length and number of visits must be in accordance with a resident's needs and preferences but be at least one hour weekly. Visitation must occur regardless of the level of COVID-19 positivity in the surrounding community or in the facility.
Safe visitation and support for residents are possible through proper infection control procedures. Importantly, residents will be reunited with their loved ones after a year of being isolated alone without proper care.

Sign the Petition Now
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