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National Ombudsman Reporting System (NORS) Resources and Updates

The National Ombudsman Reporting System (NORS) data collection was revised effective October 1, 2019.

NORC updated the four-part NORS training materials to reflect the updated codes, definitions, and activities and instruct programs on how to record the work they do.

NORC also recently updated NORS landing page to make it easier for programs to find the resources and training materials they need. See the updates below and on the NORS landing page.

The Basics – What You Must Know

NORS Training Materials and Online Course

Complaint Codes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Additional Materials

New Quarterly Technical Assistance (TA) Talks

NORC provides daily in-depth technical assistance, consultation, information, and referral, for Ombudsman programs. To increase direct access to technical assistance (TA) and peer support, NORC will host quarterly live technical assistance dialogues.

To assist Ombudsman programs in meeting annual continuing education requirements, NORC will provide certificates of participation to those that register and attend the quarterly TA Talks via Zoom. The TA Talks will be livestreamed on the NORC Facebook page and the recordings and materials will be shared with the network and posted on our website.

Each TA Talk will focus on one topic. To open the discussion, NORC staff, subject matter experts, or your peers will briefly provide information and/or highlight resources then attendees will have ample time to seek technical assistance and ask questions. Attendees are encouraged to share their expertise and experiences to provide peer-to-peer support and learn from each other.

Save the Date and How to Prepare: Save the date for our first TA Talk on September 29, 3:00 – 4:00 ET. To help shape our discussion about NORS we encourage you to start sending your questions to now.

Read archived issues of NORC Notes here. If you have a question, are not able to find a resource, or want to share training materials or program practices, please email

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